Real Time, All The Time

CopernicusMD is the only finance software that uses real-time data to determine who can pay, and how much, plus it analyzes your outstanding debt so you can start collecting immediately on old receivables. Coupled with management services that collect from only those who have the ability to pay, CopernicusMD is the complete package.

Our Proprietary Software

Our software is the only technology that uses real-time data and live credit reporting. This means when we pre-qualify a patient or if we’re assessing and purging your current outstanding accounts receivable, you know the financial and credit data you receive is current and accurate.

Our software has an intuitive interface that is very easy for your office staff to learn to use. And our software runs on almost any platform you may already be using. For larger practices, CopernicusMD can customize our software for your particular needs. Our pricing is based on the number of physicians in your practice.

Managed Services

CopernicusMD always uses a soft collection approach that targets only those patients who actually have the ability to pay. Patient relationships are our first priority. Our goal is to help your patients find a reasonable solution to paying the rising cost of medical care. We want to help your patients manage the high cost of healthcare as much as we want to help you manage outstanding patient accounts.