Collection Success Rates Plummet 15 Days Post-Procedure. Can Your Practice Collect Before Then?

As a practice manager you’re always looking for ways to increase productivity and revenue drained from outstanding accounts receivables. It’s a tough job that’s complicated by a lot of missing information and paper trails, requiring uncomfortable and time-consuming money conversations with patients.

CopernicusMD can make your job easier. We immediately improve your cash flow while improving the patient experience.

How It Works

On day one we’ll analyze your outstanding patient accounts to determine which patients are able to pay, how much they can pay each month, and we’ll set up a payment schedule and facilitate.

We’re not a collection agency – we’re a finance solution. CopernicusMD remains respectful to your patients at all times. Our job is to make it easier for your patients to pay their medical bills the same way they pay for other major expenses, and we make sure their payments are reasonable and manageable.

Use the software to qualify new and potential patients. You’ll know immediately who can pay, how much they can pay and when they can pay.

More profitable practice;
happier, healthier patients.

CopernicusMD can increase your billing collections by as much as 15% or we’ll give you 6 months no-license software use for FREE.*
*Transaction costs will incur

Easier For Everyone

Our proprietary software is simple to use and works with almost any software platform you already have.

Your patients make an appointment and are seen by a physician. If a patient needs a procedure, at the time the care plan is pre-certified for insurance approval, CopernicusMD will pre-qualify your patient using only his or her name and address and the out-of-pocket patient responsibility. CopernicusMD matches all qualifying patients with a lender and arranges financing, billing and collecting for your practice. We’ll let you know which patients can pay, how much they can pay and what days you can expect the payments to post.

We never have paper or electronic access to any patient records so there’s never added burden for HIPAA compliance or worries about HIPAA violations.