Understanding Your Patient Is Different From Understanding If Your Patient Can Pay

While the healthcare landscape continues to change, one thing is certain: deductibles are only going to increase, leaving more and more patients struggling to pay.

What does this mean for you and your practice? Your financial risk increases while your accounts receivable decrease.

CopernicusMD can increase your billing collections by as much as 15% or we’ll give you 6 months no-license software use for FREE.*
*Transaction costs will incur

Break The Cycle

CoperinucsMD can help you break the cycle of outstanding receivables. With our software you’ll know immediately which patients can afford to pay so a financial plan can be established pre-procedure. Physician and patient can then focus on what’s really important: care, not collections.

The beauty of CopernicusMD is that your patients are pre-qualified at the time you establish a care plan and before their procedure is scheduled. CopernicusMD uses only the patient’s name and address and the amount of the patient’s out-of-pocket responsibility. We have no access to information from the medical record at any time, so there are never HIPAA restrictions or HIPAA compliance issues.

Since your patient is pre-qualified, this important financial conversation is concluded before the procedure and CopernicusMD makes arrangements for financing on behalf of your patient if he or she qualifies. Once in place, CopernicusMD manages billing and collections for your practice. We’ll make sure you know which patients will pay, how much and on which days, so you’ll have a full accounting of your collections.