What We Do and Why We Do It

The cost of medical procedures and insurance-related expenses continues to rise. What this means for your practice is that a larger sum of money is expected from patients at the time procedures are performed. Sixty-one percent of employed Americans are unprepared for an out-of-pocket expense of $5,000.

The market for financing in medical procedures continues to evolve with new lenders entering the space each year. Each lender has a very specific credit profile which they seek from potential patients/clients. Managing these options is both time consuming and frustrating for both the provider and the patient.

CopernicusMD queries the patient’s ICD-10 codes against his or her insurance to determine how much the patient will be responsible to pay out-of-pocket. We pre-qualify your patient for a loan if he or she needs to finance the patient responsibility. We can match your patients with lenders.

CopernicusMD is not a collections agency; we are a finance solution. We offer patients who qualify, the option of financing their medical expenses. Then CopernicusMD (instead of your practice staff) takes on the responsibility of managing the billing and collection of those payments.

Meet The Team

THE CopernicusMD TEAM

CopernicusMD grew out of the belief that there was a better way to manage practice cash flow and pricing transparency between patients and carriers. Assembling a team of advisors, executives and some of the most talented coders, CopernicusMD was born. Combining a revolutionary platform with a forward-thinking process is what CopernicusMD is all about. Our team and our platform bring cutting-edge solutions to the pain points you experience in your daily practice.

Whether it’s checking your patients’ carrier eligibility, pre-approval for procedures, bringing patients and third-party finance providers together, or solving the ever growing co-pay and deductible dilemma, CopernicusMD is a solution designed to grow your practice, contract your AR cycle, and increase your monthly cash flow.

Ellen Shaver, M.D. | Chairman

After 25 years in practice as a board-certified neurosurgeon, Dr. Shaver knew there had to be a better way. There had to be a better way to manage practice cash flow, patient billing notifications, carrier approvals and collections. That desire to enhance practice operations as well as the patient experience led to CopernicusMD and it is the governing principle of Dr. Shaver’s guidance as chairman for the board of directors.

Don O’Neill | Executive Managing Director

Mr. O’Neill is responsible for the execution, launch and roll-out of the CopernicusMD platform in both the private practice and facility sectors, as well as the public and government services sectors. Mr. O’Neill brings to his position a wealth of experience in both consumer-facing technology solutions and project management in the development of solutions for market disruptions. Mr. ONeill’s previous position was as the general manager of CreditMiner LLC, where he successfully launched a cutting-edge platform for consumer credit in loan transactions and successfully landed the company full reseller status with all three major credit bureaus.

Milos Jovanovic, M.D. | Senior Platform Developer

With eight years of full stack development experience, Dr. Jovanovic brings a unique attribute to CopernicusMD as well. He is a medical doctor, having graduated from medical school at the University of Nis. Dr. Jovanovic’s unique programming perspective adds to the physician experience on the CopernicusMD platform.

Stefan Toader | Senior Project Manager

Mr. Toader has more than 20 years of experience in managing and implementing the design, development and testing of highly scalable Internet sites and large-scale enterprise software solutions. He has worked for international companies and also for other U.S. and European companies, helping them launch multiple software platforms.

Deyen Metchev | Senior Software Engineer

Mr. Mechev joined CopernicusMD with more than 10 years of professional experience in platform modeling and development. He has participated in more than 15 successful software project launches, including commercial retail platforms, search engines, Web crawlers and billing systems form companies in the U.S. and abroad.

Philip Kent, Jr., | Director of Legislative Affairs Board Member

Mr. Kent has more than 15 years’ experience in public relations and community involvement in both the health and technology sectors. He also understands the challenges of running a business. Mr. Kent has seen first-hand multiple facets of the U.S. health care system, which makes him a valuable asset.

Joseph R. Shaver, M.D. | Chief Medical Officer Board Member

A board-certified pulmonary and critical care specialist who practices at the Joseph Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia, Dr. Shaver earned his medical degree from Georgetown University. He completed an internal medicine residency, as well as pulmonary and critical care fellowships at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. He has been in practice in Augusta for over 20 years.

Jeff Milne | Director of Operations

Mr. Milne has over 20 years of training and operational experience in a corporate environment, with a hands-on systemic approach to software implementation and training. Mr. Milne’s previous position was with CreditMiner, a platform for consumer credit in loan transactions.

Ron Ingram | Patient Services Manager

Mr. Ingram completed training as a radiation therapy technologist at the University of Utah Medical Center in Salt Lake City. After 20 years in the healthcare field as a chief radiation therapy technologist, Mr. Ingram transitioned into sales and retail as a multiple unit manager.

Victor Bradea | GM ITC Europe